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December 2018



Literacy & Numeracy: December was a good month with many Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (ILN) students achieving their goals and others making good progress.  One ILN student has been enjoying his learning so much that when a programme clash became apparent he asked for a timetable change to ensure he could continue his learning in ILN. One student surprised himself by achieving the required level for his reading and was exceptionally happy as he could pursue his learning towards a career pathway. Many of the students, particularly those due for release over the Christmas break, worked hard to achieve the maximum possible before they lose the opportunity.

Driver Licence Programme: Feedback from Adrian (the Licences Programme Coordinator for the Police) “It was another successful course. There were a couple of boys who didn’t commit but the five that stuck it out all passed their test on Monday. Which means that as far as the boys’ courses go we are still sitting at 100% pass rate. This is fantastic and I’m sure no one would have expected those results.”

Client Support Worker

A man in his mid-50s presented at the office looking for help to focus some direction in his life. Ronald’s health wasn’t good and he was waiting for a long needed operation, making it impossible to work and therefore difficult to pay the mortgage. Ronald felt, due to his age, he didn’t have many options to increase his income however expressed an interest in study. He had an idea that he wanted to study towards something that would help pay the bills, be something he would enjoy and at the same time utilise the land he lived on.

Ronald said that while this all sounded good in his head, putting this into action was daunting. He said he was also easily distracted by other people’s problems and would put them before himself. Ronald wanted help to put his ideas into action and support to stay focused – so this was Ronald’s need for service – ‘To be in study that fits my needs and utilises my personal resources’.

Ronald had 3 areas he was interested in. After discussing each and having time to think about what would work for him, Ronald decided to go with Beekeeping. While working with Ronald there was a time he was ‘side-tracked’ by family issues, however with support and focus Ronald is enrolled and is attending the Bee Keeping course. He is thoroughly enjoying this and is looking forward to setting up his own hive on his property. Ronald was happy to end his need for service.

Client Support Worker Little Citizens

The end of the year is often a stressful time for families, and last year was no exception. MMSouthern’s client support worker based at Little Citizens was able to connect with and support centre wh?nau who were experiencing relationship breakdowns, financial pressures and engaging with the legal and care & protection systems. Parents said that they felt better after talking with me; having a listening ear and non-judgemental support helped them to process their circumstances and make choices about their way forward.

Parents told me that they felt comfortable asking for, seeing and talking with me due to our existing relationship. This made it easier for them to both ask for and accept support.

Youth Transition House

 Client Support Worker: The latter part of the year saw rapid change within the YTH - one of our residents secured and moved into a HNZ property, which was a very positive outcome for her. Another resident completed study, and moved north for work in a related field. Two other residents also moved out, one to shared accommodation with her partner, and another to extended family.


Coordinator: There is a plan afoot to make a Kitchen garden with some of the residents having a go at growing potatoes, strawberries, herbs and maybe some carrots in buckets and pots. We are also being supported by the East Dunedin Rotary club members who have indicated they will be supplying the House with a couple of no dig gardens in the near future.

Client Support Worker, Community

Marama, a lady in her 60s, self-referred to the Client Support Service looking for help in navigating financial rules and regulations with Government agencies. At the first meeting, Marama explained that she was living alone, with her three adult children out of town. She said that she was looking to her future but had been having trouble getting straight answers about various financial matters, and her children were too far away to help. Marama was unable to drive due to poor eyesight, which meant that she was only really able to get in touch with agencies over the phone, and her hearing was not what it had once been, which made it difficult to gather the correct information.

Over the course of our work together, Marama put some strategies in place so she was able to access the information she needed and understand it in straightforward terms. This allowed Marama to reach her own conclusions and make her own fully-informed decisions. She said that she was in a much better place mentally than when we first met, and that she was grateful for the Client Support Service.


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