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ACC clients


Working with rehabilitation specialists we currently deliver two programmes for people in receipt of ACC. The content is tailored to the specific needs of each person following an initial skills assessment. All delivery takes place in a one-to-one situation in a private room.

Customer service 

The aim of this programme is to provide participants with sufficient knowledge and skills in Customer Service and Retail to feel confident to apply for an entry level workplace position.
The programme integrates classroom based practical training and skills practice opportunities to demonstrate procedures, provide live work examples for practice, and to instil confidence.
The training has been developed in a modular format to ensure that it can be applied to suit the specific needs of each participant. This will ensure that training provided is “just in time, just for me, and just what I need”. Modules that form part of the training can be imported in whole or in part to suit the needs of the participants.
The different delivery styles include 
  •  Classroom training
  •  Self-paced learning opportunities 
  •  Skills practice activities
These options depend upon the needs of the participants and timeframes available.
Whilst encompassing various skills, the programme is designed to develop participant’s confidence and self–assurance. 
Team work and being able to communicate with confidence are overarching themes within all the modules of the programme. 
The modules are:
  •  Customer Service & Communication
  •  The retail environment
  •  Sales Skills
  •  Legislation within the retail environment
  •  Retail sales systems and telephone
  •  Developing knowledge and skills in using retail sales systems and telephone

Computer and office skills  

Computer and office skills training is delivered with an up-to-date computer running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. Participants are provided with and maintain their own profile login on the Next Step server. 
All our computer training includes providing the student with an understanding of good ergonomic principles for the use of computers in the workplace.
Available areas are: 
  •  Keyboard skills 
  •  Typing skills  
  •  Microsoft Outlook - formal and informal email structures, multiple email recipients, replying to email, forwarding email, adding attachments, setting and sending appointments, using the electronic calendar and task list.
  •  Basic Word processing  - how to write and format letters, memos, reports and notes
  •  Advanced Word processing. 
  •  Basic spread sheets - setting up simple spread sheets to input financial data, to create charts, to set up a database, to keep track of small cash flows, etc.
  •  Advanced spread sheets:
  •  Basic database. 
  •  The use of office equipment - a fax machine, binding, and the use of a photocopier including the use of the various functions such as book creating, double siding, stapling, ordering and scanning.