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Training and qualifications for youth and adult learners


 As of 1st January 2019 Next Step Training is no longer offering courses or accepting enrolments
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Next Step Training is a local provider working within our local community and is responsive to its needs. It is the section of The Mission concerned with providing foundation learning opportunities for young people and adult learners and a developmental programme for primary school children. 
Opportunities for restarting learning, and improving literacy and numeracy skills, personal awareness and development for on-going and lifelong learning and positive community engagement are fundamental aspects of our work. Recognising the existing skills and experience of our students demands we provide a high degree of individualised learning. 
Our learning opportunities emphasise building sound foundation skills for lifelong learning and are linked to the NZ Qualifications Framework, Our innovative methods and desire for continual improvement were positively recognised in our 2014 NZQA External Evaluation & Review. We have a diverse, able and suitably qualified staff body with many years of experience of working with our target populations. 
Our size and low staff to student ratios (no more than 1:15) enable responsive, flexible personalised delivery and maximise opportunities for success. Individual support helps with successful transitions to on-going vocational training or higher level tertiary training. We have linkages facilitating learning pathways with employers, Tertiary Education Organisations and industry, which reflect regional needs and regional opportunities for our students. 

Our Programmes include:


Youth Guarantee

Adult Learning

Contracted Education Services