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MARCH 2016


Next Step Training: Youth Guarantee

On Wednesday 9th March the youth class hosted Sexwise. Sexwise is a production from The Theatre in Health Education Trust (THETA) www.theta.org.nz . On their website they say that their “interactive theatre-based programmes use a combination of traditional theatre, educational drama, structured role play and decision-making activities to engage students in the exploration of issues relevant to their lives.” 

One week later our 16-18 year old youth (all female) are still very excited by the 2 hour visit. They loved how it was delivered with theatre, music and humour. They are unanimous in their praise for it a way of learning.  “If I need to, I can easily remember the songs and what happened to the characters (in the theatre) and that way I remember what I learnt”.

Some of the highlights for them are learning new contraception skills including how to put on and use a condom, a song about masturbation and how boys and girls can have very different understandings of courtship and sexual relations.   The performance touched on issues around pregnancy and abortion and the students received some links to information about STDs.

They are looking forward to filling out the survey when it is available, watching a film of Sexwise performances and entering the draw for a $50 prize.


Corrections: Skills for Dads

Skills for Dads has finished with DVD messages to go home to the children. PCOMS showed an average shift of 8.6 for the participants in the programme around their parenting skills and confidence. (A shift of more than 6 is considered statistically significant).


Corrections: Brief Drink Driving Programme

Joy had found this group the most challenging of all the groups so far as some members of the group did display quite entrenched drink driving behaviours that she had encountered so far. Some stated they had no intention of changing their behaviours and they challenged all the facts/ statistics presented e.g. one participant said he had trained his liver to process alcohol faster than 1 drink per hour, so there was no way he would still be legally drunk the next morning, even though he had been binge drinking. There were however several participants who took full part in the discussions and offered good constructive comments. One complimented Joy on her ability to work through the "disrespect shown to them by some people". Several came up and thanked Joy at the end of the session, and there was really good discussion around the impact of accidents on the wider community, especially police, firemen and ambulance staff. All participants took part in the Booze goggle activities, but the more entrenched ones were less keen to engage in the board and card games. Kerri went along with Joy to be involved and to learn how the programme went, so that she will also be trained to deliver this programme.


Client Support Worker

Working at OCF in the Storybook Dads programme has given me a huge insight as to how cultural and behavioural diversity affects the early development of young children.  Part of the discussions with the men revealed what their lives were like growing up and their hopes for a better future for their children. Making change requires goals, a sense of the future, a sense of belonging to a family/community and knowing what is important in your life – your children. This develops into an awareness of who you are. 

During the story book Dads programme it was a privilege to be part of a group discussions where fathers disclosed what life as a youngster was like for them - several of these young men were born in jail - and what changes they wanted for their children.  One of the Dads asked if he could read a book to his child in Te Reo which was a huge endeavour on his part; he realized the importance of this as it reflected who he is and who his child is - the Mission was able to offer an English and Te Reo book to help him with this process.  Another Dad performed his mihi for his son to give him that foundation of belonging. 

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