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Skills for Dads (Prison)

For the first time, the Skills for Dads course at OCF was facilitated by two fathers. Feedback from the participants was universally positive, and participants concluded the course feeling more confident in their roles and abilities as fathers to have a positive influence on their children’s’ lives. Some participants from this course moved on to Storybook Dads, and shared their perspectives on Skills for Dads with other group members, encouraging them to attend in the future. Participants in Storybook Dads were clear and focussed on making the most of the opportunity to connect with their children via the DVD recording, and through creating physical resources for their children.


Intensive Literacy & Numeracy (Prison)

Our tutor had a student who first came to him for Pre-hospitality but was struggling with the work. He left, came back to Tony for Step Up, completed that and also has completed our new cleaning course. His Numeracy went up two steps, and Literacy by one step. He has worked hard, and not only improved his skills but also his attitude and willingness, and he asked if there were any more courses he could do with the mission and Tony – now he is looking at polytechnic, a great advance from our first interactions.


Client Support Worker

Tony was referred to the service requiring support to deal with other services and organisations. The referral said Tony was aggressive and intimating and this impacted the way in which services dealt with him. After contacting Tony and visiting him in his home, it became clear the aggression was merely his frustration of not being heard and not feeling like he was being taken seriously. Tony stated he had been trying to get ACC to reimburse him for travel and to book another specialist appointment as his injury needed reviewing. Tony had been on ACC’s case for a couple of months and was having no success. As we met and talked about Tony’s issues, we discussed ways he could manage himself better when dealing with services i.e. understanding how his frustration can be misconstrued and how this could be seen as being aggressive. Tony could see how this could happen but felt powerless regardless. Tony was happy for me to go with him to his ACC meeting to support. We discussed strategies and Tony was reminded he needed to keep his cool in order to have a positive outcome. Before the meeting Tony was very mindful of what we talked about and this was evident throughout the appointment as Tony would look at me at times of frustration, and this helped him to refocus. The meeting proved to be successful for both Tony and the 2 ACC staff as Tony left the meeting feeling heard and acknowledged. Later that day Tony messaged me stating he had heard back from ACC - he had been reimbursed for travel and was given an appointment for a specialist before the end of the month. Tony was very pleased with the outcome.


Beyond 10 Streets

This last month has been spent reconnecting with people from the Take 10 Streets area after Dawn’s period of leave. People had noticed that Dawn hadn’t been around and they were happy to see her back again. A couple have had big changes since they last talked with Dawn, one guy in particular was in a much better state emotionally and financially, he has reconnected with his children and told Dawn that talking to her gave him the courage to ask WINZ for a review of his circumstances. The library group are gearing up for the opening of the Pop Up Library Facility on the 8th of September. They have now created their own letter heading and have a letter of support from Laura with which they can continue to approach businesses to support their art competition, hopefully with a prize donation. There have been murmurs within the group to investigate recycling unwanted wooden bus shelters and using them for seating opportunities around the Take 10 area as currently there are none.


Little Citizens’ Kotuku Room

The final week of our ENGAGE trial has been completed. This has left us with conversations to be had around how we plan to incorporate aspects of the ENGAGE programme into our centre programme for the benefit of the children and how we aim to feed aspects of games through to the Tui room and then eventually into the Kiwi room. The main aspect of the programme that we are keen to focus on is the childrens inhibitory control as this helps them to learn how to control their reactions and responses leading to more positive interactions with their peers.


EarlyYears Hub

There has been a busy time at the Hub with School holidays proving to be a popular time to visit the Hub. We have had many families coming to just have a play, look at the Free to a good home table and check out what happening for next term. We are very grateful to the members of St Clair Rotary who have been to spread wood chips under some of the trees and will be coming back to repair the top of the brick wall outside the shed to provide seating in the area when the weather warms up . We would like to welcome Jenny from Jumpstart Nutrition who has come to offer “messy play” sessions to families.

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