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Literacy and Numeracy (Corrections)

One learner, over the last couple of weeks, was amazed by the level of numeracy he was working on (Fractions, decimals and percentages). He said, “I’m impressed with myself. I’ve never enjoyed this before.” Then he added, “If my missus could see me, she’d be amazed I’m doing this.” This learner has said he does not want to return to prison (it’s his first sentence) and is working hard to improve his numeracy. He is working now on fractions, decimals and percentages (Step 5 on the Place Value progression, even though he scored at Step 3 in his mid-course ALNAT) and really enjoys the classes. Contextualising learning and making progress are great motivators.


Client Support Services

Lack of social housing is becoming more of an issue for our community. We currently have two clients with young children living out of motels awaiting housing. One of these clients with a young granddaughter found herself about to be in a homeless situation. This was reflected in her ORS 14.2 score where she was very concerned about what she was going to do. A trip to Work and Income and they have placed her in a motel to provide safe accommodation for her and her granddaughter. Her ORS score skyrocketed to 34 as this provided a safe place, reflecting the safety she feels being out of her original housing situation. They have now been in the motel for four weeks while working with Housing NZ to find a house as well as searching for appropriate private rental place. She has had numerous appointments with Work and Income around housing, and support with bills – Work and Income have been helpful and supportive. She really appreciates this and Housing NZ working to try to secure a place for her and her granddaughter, although moving now into the fourth week is starting to cause a little further stress and worry. After writing this story, the client has let us know she is now in a lovely private rental. Good work W&I.


Early Years Hub

A mum with 2 children, the youngest now at school, attended the cooking class last winter, in part to get out of the house. She enjoyed the experience so much that she enrolled at Polytech catering department this year and did a 6 month introductory cooking course. Following the course she applied for a part-time job at Mercy Hospital working in food preparation in the café. The job had 97 applicants and she was one of 3 people to get an interview. (In the interview she told them she had done a cooking course at the Hub when they talked about the initiatives that Mercy Hospital supports). She got the job.


Little Citizens

We have been engaging in our own Kiwi Room Olympics. The children see-saw on the rocking boat as we sing Row Row Row your Boat, our version of rowing. They are learning the physical skills of balance, and social skills of turn taking and waiting. Long Jump involves jumping off our wooden platform, after we count One Two Three… Jump! Again developing physical skills such as balance, coordination and agility, and the social skills of lining up, turn taking and waiting. Shot Put involves throwing a foam block into a bucket, developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. This was a very achievable and inclusive sporting event for all our children in the Nursery.The children enjoyed the rowing most, working together in small groups, and with singing accompanying them. We are very aware that learning works best in the Kiwi Room under these conditions and focus our planning on small group engagement, with lots of singing and music.


Little Citizens

This month Jackie had a parent come and speak to her about her child’s friend who had a young baby and was not coping with working and caring for a young child. This parent had concerns for the child and the Mum. The parent later rang Jackie and told her the young parent was coming to the centre for a tour. The young mum came for a tour of the centre being supported by her work boss, who happens to be a past parent of our centre. We organised care for the child and the young parents boss was taking her into W&I to organise benefits and childcare subsidy. It is so nice to see our current parents and past parents stepping in to help a young mum out. As one of them said they too were once a young mum and they received help so she is paying it forward. The young mum and child are doing well at centre and the mum is in contact with our client support worker.

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